How to Install a Bathroom Vanity in Your Existing Apartment Rental

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Are you planning to makeover your bathroom to give it a better look? Although it will take a certain amount of time in terms of commitment, redoing a bathroom, is not as difficult a task as many people think. In this article, we will provide you with the steps to install a new bathroom vanity to give your bathroom an improved look.

Preparation work

Now before jumping into the details, it’s essential to remove the preliminaries. Modern Contemporary bathroom vanities look great and stylish, but there’s no point in buying one that doesn’t fit your overall bathroom design. If you live in a cabin in Kawarthas, it may not suit you to have a proper vanity for a Liberty Village condo. Make sure and take your measurements first! If you start by looking for a vanity you want, you will have to leave room in your bathroom. Remember to place it along a wall with at least one pole and measure the height and width of the vanity and mark them on the wall.

You also need to know where the pipes are in your bathroom. Once you have the vanity dimensions marked on the wall measure to locate the direction of the pipeline. After that, you have to transfer this information to the back of the vanity and cut holes at the end of your pipes (one of the best things about a freestanding type glass vanity is that you can skip the above steps entirely, due to there is no back wall !).


These steps out of the way, it’s time to install, which is something even a man who spends his days researching a new apartment to rent instead of getting his hands dirty and spend some time. First of all, slide the vanity into place along the wall. You need to make sure it is level from side to side and from the wall in front of the vanity; if not, use wedges to equalize things.

Once the bathroom vanities are perfectly level, they can fix to the wall by using nails. You also need to use a few screws to attach your dresser to the wall stud. Once this is done, check again to make sure everything is level. Then put in the trim, vanity doors, and countertop as well as sink and fixtures. This is a stunning renovation that you can do to your home that is not too much complicated as they told, where you need to rent expensive equipment like a mud mixer to complete the job.

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