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tv wall ideas

Hello readers, Welcome to Civil Builder. Today, We explain to you about ideas to decorate your Tv wall. Let’s Get Started.

Who doesn’t like to have a gorgeous living room? No one. Isn’t that right?

Well, making your living room attractive will be a bit tricky and can be expensive. Don’t worry; we will get through this. First of all, to rearrange your living room, you should have a clear idea about the total floor area of your living room and approximate sizes of your furniture that you are going to place in your living. Always try to choose less amount of furniture. Only things that you need to have in your living room. Like your couch or sofa, wing chair, bookshelf, TV, coffee table, few paintings to decorate your walls, and any other necessary. This method will help you to balance the space in your living room. Neither too much-unused space or very little space left. Starting what you got always helps you to save a few bucks.

tv wall ideas

When it comes to balancing your space in the living area, no matter if you have a small living, a medium one, or a huge one, adding a TV wall makes your living room stunning rather than using an old type TV stand or a table to puts on your TV. Using a TV wall, some say the Entertainment wall, leaves much space than a regular table to arrange your other furniture. This will be an excellent benefit apart from its architectural appearance when you are having a small or average size living room.

It is not that difficult!

Creating an attractive TV wall for your living is not a great deal until you could manage to do it by your self. It only needs little time, a few carpentry skills, and a creative mind that you have already got. Start with the appropriate hight that you want to hang your TV on and Mark it on your wall. Let’s take a second look to confirm the height. Fix your TV bracket into the wall using screws and mount your TV on the bracket. Now let’s decorate the wall a bit. You can use a piece of wallpaper or wall stickers to decorate the TV wall and to give an extra look for your living. Use Cable ties or Cable clips to manage your cables behind the TV. This will be the most affordable way to have a more beautiful looking TV wall.

But if you still could expense a little bit more. I mean, just a little bit go and grab a 20mm thick plywood board from your hardware stores. They are cheap and don’t forget to get a few screws nails. Wonder, why is this plywood board? You are going to use the plywood board as a backboard for your TV wall. Cut the plywood board into the appropriate size and fix it on your wall before you set your TV bracket and mount your TV.

Looking cheap? Never!

Worrying about cheap looking of the plywood? Don’t worry, just paint it with some acrylic paints or past a vinyl over it and have an LED strip light fix around the plywood. Trust me; it will look stunning.

Ok, Let’s move on and rearrange your living room to a stunning place. Try to Gather some ideas from the following TV wall collection.

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