Oak wooden flooring for your house

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What is your reason for choosing hardwood floors instead of carpets? Is it allergies? Maybe just aesthetic? Or perhaps you have children and don’t want to worry about the spots?

Anyway, it is a good bet that you are considering oak wood flooring if you are looking at any wood flooring. Oak hardwood floors are an old resource in the United States because oak is an ever-present symbol of strength and durability. Oakwood floors in their natural color are also a beautiful, light color, giving it an air of space, even in smaller rooms. However, just be careful when buying your wood floor. There are a few things to keep in mind.

First, if you’re looking for particularly cheap hardwood floors, they’re probably laminate. The laminate floor is made of a thick resin, which covers an image of a wooden floor, which sits on more manufactured materials, all with a mixture of wood chips as the base. There is very little real wood, but many times it is difficult to distinguish between laminate and solid wood floors. Laminate is initially scratch and wears resistance. However, if a scrape or scratch occurs, it will stay with it until you can change entire tables. Since oak wood flooring is quite sturdy, there is almost no real advantage to using laminate over real … except for the price, of course.

Second, he has designed hardwood floors. Regarding the price, engineering is located between laminate and solid, although it is not uncommon to find sales of wooden floors in which engineering is comparable or cheaper than laminate. The surface layer of engineered wood flooring is real, solid wood. However, that layer is quite thin. The rest of an engineered floor is primarily wood as well, though not solid. Engineered oak wood floors can give you the solidity of an oak wood floor and keep the price low. It can even be polished a few times if there are scratches or nicks, although deep scratches or dents can sometimes require replacement of the boards.

Then there are its solid oak flooring. Some will choose solid wood floors because they have done their research and decided that it is the best option for them, but I suspect that the vast majority will want solids simply because it is “the real thing.” With real oak hardwood floors, things like wormholes and scars are considered normal, sometimes even desirable. There are levels of scarring, but to get the kind of smoothness you find in the laminate, you’ll pay a pretty ridiculous sum. There is also solid wood “worm,” in which there are a lot of scars and wormholes. This is great for log cabins, but not so good for multi-million dollar suburban mansions.

Please note: Just because it’s “real” doesn’t mean it’s best for you and your home. Look for all the options before choosing your oak wood flooring, and consider any wood flooring sales before making your final decision.

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