Preparation guide for the wooden floor to your newly bought house

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Just got married and bought a new house that needs a bit of renovation, and now have to deal with the papers for the new home?

Old tile floor

It seems like you got a lot on your plate.

Here’s something that should take some of the load off: hardwood floors.

It’s natural, easy to clean, it looks beautiful, and if you look closely enough, you can find some cheap hardwood floors.

Installation is also cheap and easy if you want to do it yourself, and with the right sales of hardwood floors, you may end up paying less than some

Don’t go back to nasty rugs or rough tiles, you need wood floors!

But first, where does the hardwood floor come from?

Of course, wood is a natural fiber and is made from the stems of large trees.

Cellulose on tree stems carries nutrients and water from the underground roots to the leaves above.

This is why you should only use treated wood flooring.

Untreated wood can absorb water from moisture and then expand due to it.

The swelling of the wood is ideal for the tree itself, but not for your wood floor.

When you receive your wood for your floor, it may take a few weeks before you plan to use it.

They should be stored according to local temperature and weather conditions.

Ask your wood supplier when buying this wood.

Prepare for daily fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

There are gauges and monitors used to read changes that can also be purchased.

Along with hardwood floors, you may have also used concrete or drywall.

It is essential that until it is shown to be completely dry, wood flooring should not be installed or placed near that area due to moisture.

There are techniques such as placing a transparent plastic sheet in that area for a few days and seeing if the sheet is dry, and if not, it is

You should pay close attention to the area where you place the wood for the duration of acclimatization.

Areas with high humidity levels under the floor and walls should be avoided.

Be careful with cooling devices and heating devices during this time, due to the possibility of an effect on meter and monitor readings.

If you are careful and thoughtful, you can have beautiful hardwood floors in your home in just a few months!

Wood floors are a natural choice and also the best choice!

You know the facts, so make the right decision, the best option.

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